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Aromatherapy Oils by AromaBotanica
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‘Relax’ Pure Essential Oil Reed Diffuser: Calming Middle and Base notes of Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and six more carefully chosen Pure Essential oils are expertly hand blended to help relax your Mind, soothe your Body and comfort your Soul.  

  • Size: 120ml
  • Each Reed Diffuser contains 25 ml of our unique blend of Pure Essential Oils. Mandarin and Geranium Essential Oils add to this calming & soothing blend.


Remove inner plastic plug carefully from the bottle and retain in case you should need to reseal the bottle in the future. Replace the screw cap and then insert the reeds into the liquid in the bottle. The reeds will soon draw up the fragrance diffusing it into the air.


To maximise the diffusion of oils, once the reeds have absorbed some of the liquid, flip the reeds over. Always use a towel to protect your surfaces when doing this. For a stronger fragrance, use all the reeds supplied. For a more subtle fragrance use fewer reeds. Occasionally flip the Reeds to enhance diffusion. Always wash hands after handling. Diffusion time up to 12 weeks.
Keep out of the reach of children & animals at all times. Do not light the reeds. Always place on a stable level surface. Keep away from sources of ignition – flammable product. Can cause serious eye irritation – avoid contact with skin & eyes. In case of contact rinse immediately with water, remove contact lens, if irritation persists, seek medical attention. Not for consumption. Do not place directly on painted, varnished or polished surfaces.

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